ADREK USA provides wide range of Offerings that can be provided onsite & offshore …

Product & Solutions

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Robot Risk Assessment

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Summer Food Program

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About Us


Special emphasis on performance, scalability and most importantly the process & user experience.

Our services are designed to meet the most complex requirements in terms of software application concepts, architecture and specifications to develop and deliver robust application functionalities that will help your organization to optimize costs, performance and faster deployment.

Having a team of highly skilled experts, Adrek offers the best user interface experience to your existing applications, integrates and aligns new applications with native ones by providing common theme across other applications and enabling speed and performance.


Adrek team will be able to address the inadequacies you may want to fill within the applications. Adrek team will help you concentrate on end result rather than inconvenience that cause different challenges in integration of applications.

Adrek will be able to manage your custom application development needs and our standard procedures will help you gather exact requirements on various different platforms.

Adrek USA LLC will provide you to excellent service and high cost savings that will help your business in today’s downturn.


Unique Delivery management methods, free training & support.

Adrek delivery management teams are very knowledgeable and have remarkable Industry experience. They work closely with customer to understand and jot down precise requirements by using appropriate project management techniques. By using work-break down structures techniques Adrek Delivery team manage the project by breaking the deliverables into smaller manageable pieces. Adrek onsite and offshore team managers give personal and detail attention to the design, development and testing of the final product.

The rigorous Quality Assurance process followed by Adrek development and QA team will make sure that the application delivered is of highest quality and is scalable.

Adrek USA LLC.

We help companies to solve business challenges by engaging right combination of senior consultants with extensive experience in specific business domain; processes and help clients to make use of correct Technology decisions.

8342 Misty Shore Drive, West Chester, OHIO, 45069 USA

+1 513 342 1262